Friday, March 03, 2006

yay for FO's

Remember this post from over a year ago? yeah, well I steeked the front, and hand sewed the zipper in and its done. It's my longest project ever. and nearly the most expensive. this stupid, and by stupid i mean favorite, project took TEN balls of Watercolors.
It knit up super fast, but I ended up re doing the sleeves because the pattern i used was all jacked up and way too tight and short for the rest of it. and i re did the front piece becasue i needed it to be one whole piece so i could steek it. So really i just used the picture as inspiration. Pictures tonight. Really.


Anonymous Ahna Fryhover Kiser said...

pictures tonight? really? cuz its been like 19 days, hooker.

j/ know i love you. and the ridiculously expensive baby sweater is fabulous.

12:41 PM  

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